An ‘in-year’ admission is when a student is admitted to the school, outside of the normal secondary transfer period (when a student enters the school from Year 6 into Year 7).

For a girl to be considered for a place at Townley Grammar School, she must have been deemed selective in the Bexley Selection Tests.  Procedures for making a secondary transfer have recently changed and all parents of students wishing to apply for a place, at Townley Grammar School, whether they live in Bexley or in a neighbouring local authority, must complete a ‘Grammar In- Year Application Form’ available below or ‘Bexley In Year Application Form’ which is available on Bexley Council’s website (  If your child is not currently in a Bexley school it is advisable to complete the Bexley ‘In Year’ application form as this will give access to all schools in Bexley rather than just selective schools.

If you daughter has been deemed selective and a place is not currently available, you can ask for her to be placed on a waiting list for the appropriate year group.  If a place becomes available we will contact the person at the top of the list to offer them a place at the school.

Please post your completed form to the address below, or email:

Mrs G Bradshaw-Smith (Admissions Co-ordinator),
Townley Grammar School,
Townley Road,
Kent DA6 7AB


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