Sixth Form at Townley


It is our mission at Townley to help you become inspirational learners who have the courage to take risks and the wisdom to learn from your mistakes. We want you to become responsible citizens with a social conscience, able to lead others and act as change agents for a better society. We want you to begin adult life with experiences, skills and qualifications that will make a real difference.



  • Students strive for excellence and make good academic progress.
  • Students have a thirst for knowledge and a love of learning.
  • Students have high aspirations whilst at Sixth Form and for their futures beyond the Sixth Form. They are supported in achieving/exceeding these.






  • Students are motivated, positive and self reflective. Independent learning is the norm. Students use non-contact time effectively throughout the school.
  • The Sixth Form Leadership Team present clarity of standards and the students understand these. There is a clear system of support and intervention.
  • The Sixth Form has a caring, vibrant atmosphere where achievement is recognised and celebrated.
  • Support and encouragement is found from the Sixth Form team, tutors and teachers and from the students from themselves to one another.
  • Students have opportunities to develop as learners and address areas for development.




  • Students embrace a sense of community, becoming role models for the rest of the school. This means local, national and international.
  • Students become active participators in the world they inhabit. They have numerous opportunities to build a varied CV.



Leadership teams and the students work together to drive Sixth Form development.

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