Key Stage 5 - A Level Government and Politics

Why study Government and Politics?


The most important reason is because you are interested and you think that you will enjoy it- you will not have studied it before so it is a good opportunity to experience a new subject. It is well respected as an AS level subject and lots of students combine it with History, Law, Geography, RS, Languages, English- it works well with most subjects. It teaches you skills which will help you in lots of different ways- it helps you to be more aware of how the British system of government works, to be politically aware and it encourages you to debate in a structured way.


Course Requirements:


We recognise that this is a new area of study for the vast majority of students so we do not assume prior knowledge.


Assessment Structure:




All students follow two units which involve the study of British politics. 

In paper 1 you will be considering 4 topics, democracy, elections, pressure groups and political parties. In the paper you will be assessed via 2 questions each of which will have a 5 mark, 10 mark and 25 mark section.

In paper 2 you will be considering the Judiciary, Parliament, the Constitution and the Prime minister and Executive. This paper has different assessment criteria- one 40 mark essay and another question which will involve consideration and extraction of ideas from a source and your own knowledge.




The progress from A2 requires a minimum of a C grade at AS. This is to reflect that the AS course is less demanding than that at A2 and in order to secure success at the end of the 2 year course a good grade at AS is essential.

At A2 level there are 2 elements both of which involve the study of American politics. The areas studied are the same as those for AS but in relation to, for example, the President rather than the Prime Minister.

Related Courses and Careers:


If you choose to study politics to degree level you will find out about the theories and practices of power and governance, form local to international level. There are many politics and politics related course to follow at university, eg PPE.

Oxford and LSE (part of the Russell group) will usually make offers which involve at least 1 A* and 2 A grades


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