Governors 2015-2016

From the Articles of Association:

  • Members may appoint up to 5 governors
  • Members may appoint 2 staff governors
  • The Headteacher
  • 1 Local Authority governor
  • A minimum of 2 parent governors

 All our governors sit on the curriculum, staffing and finance committees (on which they have full voting rights) in addition to other committee's.

John Paterson

Mr John Paterson

Chair, Member Governor

10.12.12 - 09.12.16

John has been a member of the Governing Body for 21 years and he been Chair Of Governors for the last 18 years. John is a trustee and a member. He chairs the Full Governing Body meetings as well the Finance Committee meetings. John is also a member of the Pay Committee.

John is now retired, having worked as an Environmental Officer for Greenwich Local Authority. His daughter attended Townley a number of years ago and John has maintained his strong connection with the school ever since. 


Mr Desmond Deehan 

Member, Headteacher, Ex-officio

Whilst employed

Desmond is Headteacher of Townley Grammar School, a large Girls Grammar School in outer London. He is a Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts, a Mayor of London Music Champion and recently became one of the London Representatives for the GSHA. He has been a speaker at conferences and appeared on TV on the subjects of Grammar School Admissions and GCSE changes.

He is most proud of the work done to develop the opportunities and achievements of young women. Desmond sits on the TECHUK “Girls in Tech” Working Group, which aims to increase the numbers of girls taking technology subjects and following such careers. He has established a unique partnership with the technology companies of Silicon Valley to support young female computer scientists and created the Townley Leadership Academy to train the next generation of Leaders. Desmond’s vision is of young people with “academic, emotional and physical confidence. Creating inspirational learners who have the courage to take risks and the wisdom to learn from their mistakes.”



Desmond Deehan








Jane Wrigley



Mrs Jane Andrews-Wrigley


25.09.13 – 24.09.17

Jane was invited to join the Governing Body to draw on her professional expertise for the benefit of Townley. She is a full member of the Governing Body, a member and a trustee of the Academy Trust, and has been Vice Chair since September 2014. She brings to the Governing Body her management and leadership expertise with particular experience in strategic change leadership, programme development, contact management and procurement.

Jane is linked with the English department, and school business management. She also takes a close interest in matters related to students with special educational needs. Jane is a Townley parent and she is a member of the Association of Project Management, works in London, and lives in Petts Wood.

Mr Aamer Safdar 

Appointed Governor

25.09.13 – 24.09.17

Aamer was invited to join the Governing Body in December 2012 to draw on his professional expertise for the benefit of Townley. He is a full member of the Governing Body, a member and a trustee of the Academy Trust, and has been Chair of the Staffing Committee since November 2014. 

Aamer has worked in the NHS for 20 years as a hospital pharmacist. He is a lecturer at two Russell Group universities, Kings College London and University College London. 

Aamer's main areas of interest are around promoting science into practice and is attached to the curriculum area of Sciences in his link governor role. As an employer, Aamer is interested in the future workforce and is attached to the 6th form. 

Aamer sits on the pay committee which reviews the pay of staff and, as part of this, is on the panel for the head teacher's appraisal. Aamer is also a member of the pupil and staff disciplinary committee. 

Aamer has three children two of which are in local grammar schools with the youngest attending primary school. He lives locally in Sidcup. 

Aamer Safdar






Jude Green


Mrs Jude Greene-Steward

Appointed Governor

08.07.14 – 07.07.18

Jude was invited to join the Governing Body in December 2012, as an Associate Governor. In July 2014, she was appointed a full member of the Governing Body, a member and a trustee of the Academy Trust. Jude brings to the Governing Board integrity, management, procurement and leadership skills, as an ex-Director in the Recruitment Industry (and in particular Facilities Management) for over 15 years.

Jude chairs the Curriculum Committee and is a member of the Admissions Committee. Her special interests are in the Performing & Visual Arts departments and Child Protection. She is passionate about Townley and its equal opportunities for all its pupils. She is a Townley parent and is also Chair of the PTA and Parent Focus Groups. She lives locally. 

Prof. Stephen Hailes 

Appointed Governor

08.07.14 – 07.07.18

Stephen Hailes is Professor of Wireless Systems and Deputy Head in the Department of Computer Science at UCL; he is also a visiting Professor at the Royal Veterinary College. He graduated with an MA and PhD from Cambridge University, during which time he was also Director of Studies at St. Edmunds College. Stephen then moved to UCL for postdoctoral work, during which he gave the UK’s first public demonstration of video conferencing over the Internet. He became a lecturer in 1992 and has remained in the department since, moving through the career grades to his current position.  Before becoming Deputy Head, Stephen was Director of Studies for the department (responsible for all teaching activities). Stephen was, and is, primarily responsible for both curriculum development and schools' outreach in the department and has edited two books on the use of IT in universities.

In addition to teaching, Stephen is an active researcher, and runs a highly interdisciplinary group with current research relationships and funded research with colleagues in animal biology, neuroscience, chemistry, civil engineering, clinical medicine, psychiatry, and energy. Stephen’s group and his wider contacts conduct research across all stages of the sensing process -  from the design of metal oxide semiconducting sensors (for gas sensing), through the development of hardware appropriate to particular deployment domains, and data collection techniques to the adaption and creation of new mathematical tools for the analysis of data. 

Stephen is an appointed governor, with responsibilities for overseeing the areas of computing, maths, and technology, and with additional responsibility for high achievers.

 Professor Stephen Hailes













Mr Fabian de Fabiani 

Staff Governor

15.12.15 - 14.12.19


Fabian de Fabiani was elected Staff Governor in December 2015. He is the Leader of the House system, teaching Religious Studies, History and Government and Politics. He has worked at Townley Grammar School since 2012. Prior to training as a teacher, he attended University College London where he obtained an Undergraduate degree in Politics and History and an M.A in Human Rights Law with Philosophy. During his MA course, Fabian worked in Politics. At this point he realised that teaching was the profession he wanted to pursue realising  that positive changes in society cannot be achieved solely through government legislation but rather from a grass roots level.


Mr Richard Symes 

Staff Governor

06.02.14 – 05.02.18

Richard Symes was elected Staff Governor in January 2014.  He is Curriculum Leader for German and additionally teaches French, Spanish and Economics. He has worked at Townley Grammar School since 2005.  Prior to retraining as a teacher, he worked in various roles in business and finance, including promoting exports and inward investment for the UK government in Germany and working for the German government in the UK in a similar role.  Richard has lived in various German cities.  

A particular interest of his on the Governing Body is Finance and General Management. Richard is also very interested in developing out-of-school learning opportunities, especially concerning trips and visits.  As a Townley Governor, he is linked with the Pupil Premium area of Student Services. 


 Richard Symes






 Lucy Follis

Mrs Lucy Follis

Parent Governor

02.12.14 - 01.12.18

Lucy was elected as a Parent Governor in December 2014, and is a full member of the Governing Body, a member and a trustee of the Academy Trust.  Her background is Project Management in the Financial Services industry, where she specialised in change and risk management programmes.  Lucy is linked to the Humanities Department, and Student Services.  As a Townley parent, she is actively involved in the PTA, and Parent Focus Group. She lives in Charlton.


 Janet Pearce



Mrs Janet Pearce

Associate Governor

10.12.12 – 09.12.16

Janet has been a governor for several years initially joining the governing body as a parent governor and she is now an Associate Governor.

Janet previously taught in the primary sector for 40 years, where she was a senior manager and SENCo. Having retired two years ago, she has a continuing interest in all matters relating to students with special educational needs and their progress. She is a link governor liaising over matters concerning Child Protection and the Single Central Register. 


Cllr Sharon Massey 

Local Authority Governor

08.07.14 – 07.07.16

Sharon has a daughter at Townley Grammar School and has been a Local Authority Governor since September 2014 and was an active member of the PTA 2010-2014.

Sharon is very committed to the local community and has been a local Councillor for the London Borough of Bexley since 1998 serving as Mayor of Bexley 2013-2014. Sharon is a Director of Sidcup based domiciliary company Supreme Home Care. She is also a qualified teacher with a degree in Social Care and the Link Governor with responsibility for Pupil Premium. 

 Sharon Massey


 Karen Associate Governorv2





Miss Karen Nathan

Associate Governor

21.04.16 – 20.04.20

Karen was invited to join the Governors as an Associate Governor for her financial management skills.

Karen is a former pupil of the school who has spent her career working in finance and has worked in the NHS for 19 years. She is a qualified management accountant as well as a qualified mentor. Karen is also part of a national initiative which is working to ensure that finance is understood by all staff within the NHS and breaking down barriers between departments as well as ensuring that finance is a good place to work.
Karen is also a clarinettist and plays in a local orchestra having continued playing since being at Townley.

Karen is linked to finance as a link governor.


 Mrs Yunita Ramgoolam Parent Governor




Mrs Yunita Ramgoolam

Parent Governor

06.05.16 – 05.05.20

Yunita was elected as Parent Governor in May 2016, and is a full member of the Governing Body, a member and trustee of the Academy Trust.

Yunita is a Qualified Accountant, a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and Licensed Practitioner with over 20 years of experience in various areas of finance namely internal and external auditing, corporate accounting and taxation.

Yunita firmly believes that all children should have a right to excellent education and Townley offers the opportunity of best teaching and learning environment. With raised aspirations every student should leave the school confident and well equipped for the future. She is committed to support the school to evolve further by using her skills and vast experiences to the benefit of Townley

Yunita lives in Erith and has two daughters, one of whom attends Townley and a younger one at a local primary.


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