Townley Grammar School launched a new House System in the Autumn Term of 2011, and I have been in charge of the house system since September 2013 . The key ethos of the House system is to allow students to take part in a range of co-curricular activities that complement and enhance their overall educational experience at Townley. For example, all Year 10 students take part in a community based charity awareness project that hones leadership and team work skills as well as contributing positively to the community.

The House Council acts as the main vehicle for student voice within the school having an impact on the daily lives of students and staff. In addition to this the House System supports the Townley Leadership Programme as well as holding various cross curricular competitions throughout the year. The heart of the House system is allowing students to be a positive change both in the school and wider world. Primarily through their forms, students will partake in individual or group events. Ideally activities will be vertical, giving students the opportunity to support each other, regardless of year group. Question Time, House Council meetings, joint year 11-12 public speaking workshops, the 6th form breakfasts, and the numerous student led fundraising events are all examples of student integration. The role of House Captain is central to the structure, from September 2014 House Captains and Vice Captains will liaise more closely with form groups to keep them informed of all House events.


Mr Fabian De Fabiani

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