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This time of year is always a busy time for any school as we prepare to finish for the summer and look to the start of September.

Exam results will be interesting due to the recent curriculum changes introduced by exam boards and the current climate of investment whereby all schools are suffering with reduced budgets.  Townley continues to persevere to give our students the education they deserve both academically and pastorally. 

The introduction of our therapy dog Maisy has been positively received by the school community and it is important that the pressures that students are under are recognised and supported.  Our pastoral team have really got behind initiatives such as introducing Mental Health Ambassadors and continue to develop the school to be a talking school. 

Looking to the wider world, Townley recognises that students who leave the school will need to be preparedEmperors Palace 300 for a global workplace and in order to facilitate this, the school continues to develop contacts globally.  So far we have had visits from schools as far as Australia and even visited Russia where we have developed a partnership with a school in Moscow and worked on a project to launch a rocket.  Students from each school visited each other and worked to build and then finally launch a rocket in Moscow.  Travelling with rocket components in our suitcases visiting the school in Moscow was an experience I am not likely to forget.

Following on from this, we have also now connected with a school in Japan and this has inspired me to writeHiroshima 2 this blog whilst travelling here.   The differences between the two cultures, the amazing architecture and how the students from each school were able to interact with each other, gives me real hope that facing a global future will be positive.

Looking at events this year the school introduced prize giving by Houses rather than Year Group this year and that has gone very well.  The aim is for students from across the year groups to integrate more closely; the range of charity events the students continue to participate in is something to be proud of.  I continue to be amazed at the endless resourcefulness our students have with ideas for fundraising.

The PE department did a fantastic job of organising this year’s Sports day.   It is an event that really displays the Townley spirit with all the forms supporting the Houses and I am very sorry to have not seen the teachers’ relay race.  I hope that this will become a regular fixture in future Sports Days to come.  Hera were the winners of the Sports Day cup and all being well the spirit of competition to compete for this award next year will continue to grow.

In terms of creativity, our dance, drama, art and music departments consistently outperform putting on performances and exhibitions each year; all year groups are able to take part in numerous events all of which really showcase the talent we have in the community.  The summer concert is also something I look forward to and even though I could not be there this time the reports I have had were that it was excellent. 

Referring back to the recent media coverage regarding the funding concerns in education, this school will continue to endeavour to develop and deliver as wide a range of curriculum as possible; this can be seen with the introduction of teaching Latin to year 7 and the introduction of International Relations as a subject at KS3.  Without the backing of staff, governors, parents and support staff here to help enable the changes and sometimes difficult decisions that are often necessary for us to make, the school would not be where it is.  

 I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you for everyone’s continued effort and hard work and wish everyone a very much deserved summer break. 


 Desmond Deehan

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