‘Outside Looking In, Inside Looking Out’

‘Outside Looking In, Inside Looking Out’ is the new exhibition now on show at Townley Contemporary Gallery, the school’s dedicated in-house gallery space.

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The exhibition showcases some of the exceptional art work created by professional artist and Townley Art Teacher, Brian Blunden. Also on display and situated in the Gallery Installation Space, is the giant sculpture ‘Untitled’ by conceptual artist and Townley parent, Sandie Camilleri.

Gallery staff were delighted to welcome thirty-five guests to an opening night Private View event that included artist talks by both Brian and Sandie. Each artist gave a fascinating insight into the thoughts behind their pieces, their individual creative processes and the art work on show.

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Mrs Anderson, Assistant Head Teacher said:

“This was a hugely enjoyable evening. The talks from the artists involved were really enlightening and entertaining and explained the thought processes behind their works. The exhibition itself was incredibly interesting and beautifully displayed. I particularly liked Brian's Venice pictures and I thought that Sandie's sculpture looks so effective in the Gallery Installation Space. I’d like to thank everyone involved in making the evening successful and my congratulations go to the artists for creating such inspirational pieces.”

The exhibition is on display until Thursday 12th February 2015 with viewing by appointment only. If you would like to book to see the exhibition, or if you are interested in exhibiting at the Gallery, please email Celine Olszowka at:


Artist Statement - Brian Blunden  


“I work in a variety of styles that evolve, take shape and form as the original source of inspiration unfolds. Working on the spot enables life and freshness to feed into the development of the work, keeping it open to change, real and alive. The challenge of observing and going with the flow, responding to the unexpected, both seen and felt, underpins my work.

The paintings, drawings and pottery exhibited at Townley Contemporary Gallery are a selection of recent pieces inspired by landscapes of Kent and the coastal town of Hastings as well as the powerful landscapes of SW France, where the ever changing light and dramatic changes in mood sets a strong pace to my work and results in more experimental outcomes in the studio.

There are also examples of paintings inspired by music and performance with its roots in the lives of people in this wonderful region of France (the Gers).

My pottery is totally focused around the Raku process and involves building simple kilns in the open air, which are heated and fired with wood or gas. When the glaze is molten the pots are removed from the kiln with tongs and cooled rapidly by plunging into sawdust and water. Pots have their own richness of texture and colour and highly distinctive outcomes are discovered.
This process involves working in partnership with earth, air, fire and water and is therefore quite a journey; a truly uplifting experience.”

For more information about Brian’s artwork please visit his website at:

Artist Statement - Sandie Camilleri


“I am a conceptual multi-media artist and I work primarily in sculpture and installations.  Much of my work relates to ethical and environmental issues and I often use recyclable materials. 

My most recent work, exhibited at the UCA in Canterbury, included 185 steel framed chairs, scrapped by a local institution, which I welded into a series of sculptures.

The sculpture on display at Townley Contemporary Gallery seeks to express awareness of human fragility, and our ability to heal and preserve.  Neglect, abandonment, and bereavement are the underlying issues which link my work.

Through my soft sculpture I am absolving these issues by nurturing. This work is open to other interpretations and could give a political voice to ethical issues such as child labour, discrimination of women, sweatshops, human rights, consumerism, poverty, or environmental problems arising from the production of clothing.”   

For more information about Sandie’s artwork please visit her website at:

Note from the Curator - Celine Olszowka

“It gives me great pleasure to present the work of Brian Blunden as part of the gallery’s Spring 2015 programme.

I have known Brian for several years through working with him here at Townley Grammar School and was well aware that he is a very talented artist. What I was not aware of was how prolific an artist he is. Most of the works on display in this exhibition have all been produced in the last two years.  I love the way his landscapes are so expressive and unrestrained, responding to the changes in light and mood. His visual insight into the characters and lives in Jegun, a working village in France, is absolutely fascinating.

I’m equally delighted to present the work on show in the Gallery Installation Space by artist Sandie Camilleri. The piece is untitled and open to interpretation. Sandie first approached me about a year ago to discuss the possibility of displaying this piece. So I am really pleased that we have finally been able to exhibit this installation. I feel that the space perfectly shows off this sculpture, as it can be viewed from all sides, with the changes in light during the day creating different moods and feelings. I am particularly interested in the voice that it gives to the discrimination of women within contemporary society.

My thanks go to Brian and Sandie for allowing us to exhibit their work and I welcome submissions from other local artists and groups.”


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