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The Careers Department was delighted to host a Leadership Awareness Evening at Townley recently.


This unique event offered Year 8 & 9 students and their parents/carers the opportunity to find out more about the leadership programmes offered to students at Townley

The evening, which was held in the School Theatre, began with a welcome speech by Mr Deehan, the school’s Head Teacher. Mr Deehan introduced the subject of student leadership programmes and spoke about the importance of developing leadership skills in today’s young people.

This was followed by a presentation from the night’s guest speaker, educational professional Katrina Estien. Katrina is joint Co-Founder and Managing Director of the Diverse Leaders Network, a social enterprise organisation who deliver leadership and careers awareness programmes to schools across the country.

Townley have been working in partnership with the Diverse Leaders Network for over a year now, helping to develop the ‘Tomorrow Leaders Programme’, a twelve week leadership course specifically designed for students in Year 8 & 9.

Eighteen of the school’s students have taken part in this project so far, which has proved to be extremely popular with the participants and which has received excellent feedback from parents/carers and school staff. Some of these students have since taken on the role of Programme Ambassador and were thrilled to join us for this event and talk about their experiences on the programme.

The evening concluded with a Q & A session, allowing guests the opportunity to find out more about the course and how it benefits those who take part.

Another sixteen Year 8 & 9 students are due to start the programme in November and there is another course planned for January. If you would like more information, or if you would like to discuss a place for your daughter, please contact Katrina direct at:


You can see a video of the previous ‘Tomorrow’s Leaders Programme Showcase’ at the following link:


More information about the Diverse Leaders Network can be found at:


Diverse Leaders Network is a social enterprise that exists to increase diversity in leadership and promote fair access to the professions


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