8 Persephone raise a huge amount for charity.  On the 29th November 2017, our form 8 Persephone held a fair. It was in the New Gym from 12.50-1.45pm. At this fair, there were many stalls that sold items such as slime, phone cases, pop sockets, food, Christmas ornaments, Korean themed gifts and there was even a raffle! There was nothing more than £5 and our reasonable prices attracted many Townley students to the fair. Our fair was very busy and with the help of Mrs Sargeant and Miss Ford, it was well organised. In conclusion, at our fair it was clear to see it was successful and there was a lot of money to donate to the charity, Wild Hearts.  

Skills we have learnt:

Through the entrepreneur challenge, we developed many skills. One of the key skills was being fair because we had to create prices that were fair to what was paid to make these items and fair to what Townley students could afford. Another skill we learnt through this challenge was teamwork. As it was such a big project, a lot of people were needed to make it work. This skill was carried out well and was evident in form time and the opportunities we had to work on the project. In conclusion, we have learnt to work together as a form and be a team. Everyone in the form contributed in one way or another. Plus we were creative with the ideas we had in the range of different stalls we had on offer.  It was a great success and we raised a staggering £380.00.  Now that is what I call teamwork!

 By Hillary Year 8 




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