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I am an Austrian guest student here in Townley Grammar School and in this article I would like to compare the British school system and the Austrian school system.  

The most confusing difference is that there are two types of school systems. In Austria children are used to a free and public school system. Normally public schools are taught in German. Most Austrian students do not AKGhave to wear uniforms. In UK Children first go to primary school (first 6 grades) and after that children attend secondary school (7th to 11th grade). Then students are in sixth form (12th grade) and after finishing school they may choose to study a bachelor’s degree. Additionally, British children have to wear school uniforms.

In my opinion the funniest difference is that in Austria the teachers are moving to the class rooms to teach their students.  Whereas, in the UK it is the students who move to the teacher who is teaching them in ”his own” classroom.

Another difference between the two school systems for me is the language and so the way the teachers are talking and teaching is a bit different.

All in all, it is essential to say that every school is good the way it is does not matter how big the differences are.

Article by Alexandra Fykatas

Akademisches Gymnasium Wien


Alexandra was part of a group of students visiting Townley on school trip in February.  Thank you for your contribution to our website news.


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