Townley win French and Spanish Debates

 The 2017 Regional Languages Debate Competition was held at Bexley Grammar School on Wednesday 22nd March 2017.

To represent Townley, three teams were formed. On our French Team: Ana Morina, Naoimh Rogers and Lucie Streatfield (12.6). On our German Team: Cherisse Milton Cole (12.5) and Poppy Nickson (12.6). On our Spanish Team: Ecaterina Armeanu (13.8) and Alexandra Holborn (13.8).

The motion set was 'Mass media holds too much influence over politics' and teams were told just before the debate started whether they were arguing for or against the motion. It was noted by many during the competition that each of our teams was absolutely exceptional in terms of their use of language, the quality of their arguments and their team effort.

The competition was fierce and despite strong arguments and a determination to destabilise their opponent, our German Team was nobly defeated by BETH's with just two points difference. Our French Team, following an incredibly lively and intense Final, took First place over BETH's and our Spanish Team, with noticeable team effort and an unfazed united front, won First place against Bexley Grammar School.

Congratulations to all for this outstanding effort and an enormous thank you to our dedicated Language Assistants, Chloe, Cansu and Laura who helped students prepare for this event.

 KS5 Debate

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