Have you heard about the Parent Focus Group Comment Box?

We would like to introduce parents to the PFG Inbox ("Parent Focus Group") this has been put into place in order to support and encourage communication between the School and our wider parent body. We have created a page on our website http://www.townleygrammar.org.uk/home/our-people/pfg-parent-focus-group/  which provides parents with an opportunity to submit questions or comments on the topics that are discussed at the parent focus group meetings.

At each meeting the group focus on a key topic for discussion which will now be published before the meeting on the website. Parents are invited to use the PFG inbox to submit any questions or comments on this topic that they would like to be raised and discussed at the meeting; any relevant feedback will then be published on the website following each meeting.

We would really like to hear your voice as we value the input of all of our parents and want to work alongside you to ensure Townley continues to provide the best possible environment for our young people.

The next key topic is assessment and reporting and this will be discussed at the next meeting on the 15th January. If you have any comments to make on this topic please let us know via the inbox.

Meeting  Monday 15th January - Assessment and Reporting

Obtain feedback on our reporting system with specific focus on Key Stage 3.

We would welcome responses to the following questions;

  • Do you understand our new assessment levels introduced last year?
  • Are the reports user friendly and easy to follow?
  • Are we providing information that support's your daughter's academic and personal development?


 Please email your questions to the PFG inbox at the following email address:


All submissions will receive an automated reply to acknowledge receipt however there will be no personal responses to these emails.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Heather Whitmore

Assistant Head Teacher






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