This week, built around European Day of Languages, the Language Department hosted a week of celebrating languages.

Students were able to take part in a range of assemblies as well as activities and competitions throughout the week such as quizzes, spelling bee competitions, landmark monument building contests and translation competitions.

On Tuesday, the Languages Fair, showcased stalls presenting different languages and cultures, many with food and quizzes that the students could take part in. Seeing students sharing and learning about each other's languages and cultures was a very special moment!

Thanks to our wonderful catering team who put on a special menu everyday, students were also able to experience a variety of cuisines throughout the week (French, German, Italian, Spanish and south American, Asian and African food!)

Well done and thank you to all students who helped this week with the Languages fair and the assemblies but a very special thanks to our four Language scholars Cherisse, Lucy, Pavandeep and Poppy who worked very hard to help the Language Department run an informative and fun Languages week!


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