Congratulations to Chloe for being recognised for the amazing charity work she has done for Shine.  Chloe was presented with The Diana Award recently  and was featured in an article "Portraits of Emerging Leaders"  by the Women in Leadership Publication.


 "Over the past year Chloe has made a huge impact on a small charity called Shine that supports families coping with cancer. Chloe has demonstrated exceptional  courage, sharing her personal story in a podcast used by Shine's service users.  She has also promoted the charity at a school charities competition; resulting in increased awareness of the organisation in the local community and a donation from the school. Inspired by her success Chloe led her entire year group in a fundraising week at the end of term raising a further £1,500 for Shine.  The Director of Shine stated that "young people are the key to a successful future and Chloe exemplifies this."  Women in Leadership Publication









 Read more about The Diana Award and Choe's fantastic achievement here click on the image below to read the article on page 71.












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