Some lucky year 7 students were selected to attend a careers event in the Visual Effects Industry at The Mill a company which specializes in this area.  The event was timed to celebrate International Women's Day and National Careers Week. Read Vedica's account of the trip below. 

"I really enjoyed going to the STEM Careers event, it made me more aware of all the exciting opportunities that could be available to me when I am older. We went to The Mill, which is a visual marketing company that describes themselves as artists, technologists and makers for all media. There were many people there that gave us inspirational talks about what we might be interested in when we grow up; they also showed us many mind-blowing things from robots that could draw to amazing animations. We participated in a variety of fun and interactive activities; one of my favourites was the VR experience (virtual reality).  It was like stepping into a new world. What really fascinated me the most, was how you could engage with the environment around you to make you feel like you were really there. Virtual reality is there for people’s enjoyment and entertainment, but has many serious uses as well. It is the creation of a virtual environment (designed to look real) presented to our senses in such a way that we experience it as if we were really there. I really enjoyed this trip as it made me more interested in Computer Science and opened my eyes to the variety of creative careers available to me".  Vedica, 7 Aphrodite



"Thanks for showing you can do Art and Computing". Anoushka, 7 Athene 

"The best place to work".  Folashade, 7 Athene 

"Thanks for the opportunity! I loved playing with all the tech!". Rachel, 7 Artemis

"Thank you for everything. I especially enjoyed the VR". Suheyla, 7 Hestia



Our thanks goes to Yen Yau, Careers Manager at Into Film and Simon Devereux, Head of Learning & Development at The Mill for organising and hosting this event.





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