On Wednesday 7th March 12 students delivered their presentations in a showcase event at the Lansdowne Club in Mayfair.


This year, the students came up with a range of projects which were all very ambitious and unique. We had students organising a primary outreach programme to encourage creative reading in young children to a dyslexia support group within Townley to a short film being produced about homelessness with an all student cast and crew. All of these projects involve a great amount of leadership from the students, with all of them having to overcome any obstacles which may have been put in front of them.

As the twelve students complete the initial training phase and to celebrate how far the students have come, they presented their projects in a Gala Showcase evening which was held at The Lansdowne Club, Mayfair.   The Gala Showcase has become a defining moment for the participants, as they realise how far they have come on their leadership journey and the sense of achievemen tfor publicly speaking in front of parents and invited guests to talk about their projects, which they are all extremely passionate about.   The evening was a great success for the students, with all of them presenting confidently, maturely and with great pride in what they have achieved.

They were a true inspiration and we look forward to seeing what they will all achieve in the future.  






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