On Sunday 20th May,  Olivia from 7Hestia competed at the London Youth Games for trampolining. This is what she said;

“I individually competed against 99 people and for my first time I came 15th but as a team out of twelve Boroughs, we came third.

The Townley Value that I relate to the most is resilience this is because at the start of each competition I think of what I want to achieve. 

My dream is to be known for who I am and what I have proven to be true. 

I have proven that giving up doesn’t work and when if I do give up then I will have given up on achieving success.

I have also competed in numerous regional, national and international competitions as you can see from my collection of medals!”

A big well done to Olivia from all of the Townley PE Department and we are very excited about having a potential Olympian in our midst!

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