It has been a busy few months for the staff here in the Geography Department - the emphasis being that sometimes the classroom is actually on the outside rather than on the inside!

This term the Geography Department have taken all the Year 7 students out and about in the local area for some outdoor classroom activities.  The Year 12 A Level students have enjoyed a 4 day residential in Somerset. Plus the Year 10 students have investigated the River Shuttle for their fieldwork.

A huge thank you to the Geography department staff who have organised these trips.  Thank you as well to the additional staff it takes to support these activities.

Geography Department are now on Twitter - follow their adventures! @TownleyGeog 


Year 7 Local Field study


“We went to Bexley Village to see what our local environment was like, we looked at the services and housing that were in the village.  We completed an environmental survey and a traffic survey to investigate the environment at three different areas in the village.  It was really interesting as I had never been to Bexley Village and I now see things differently in our environment”  Year 7 Student





Year 12 A Level Geography students embrace the opportunity of a 4 day residential fieldwork experience in West Somerset.



“I really enjoyed being outside of the classroom while still learning and gaining new experiences. Nothing beats first hand experiences!”  


“Who knew that being without wifi could be so much fun.”


“Having time to appreciate our wonderful landscape and contemplate our impact was so refreshing”







Year 10 Rivers Trip

Year 10 GCSE Geography students investigate river characteristics along a section of our local river the River Shuttle.

They experience a variety of data collection techniques from measuring width and depth of the river to velocity between different sites.


 Geography Department are now on Twitter - follow their adventures  ! @TownleyGeog



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