On Friday the 7th September, Amazon Web Services ("AWS") introduced Year 8 about an app making competition, we were the first ever school to know about this amazing opportunity which I think is incredible.  The employees explained to us about the aim of the AWS Get IT Competition and how it will gradually help us or the wider community.  They explained about their lives of how being a woman in the branches of technology felt and how marvellous it is.  The best ideas for making an "app for good" would go through to the next levels of the competition with going to boot camps etc... This app making competition was placed to engage and make young people aware how interesting STEM and technology can be, and to persuade more young girls to become part of the technology industry.

We will be using our computing lessons to design an app that we think will be useful and appealing to many people.  We will be in groups of 3-7 and if our group or any other group from Townley wins I will be extremely proud and excited for their achievement as the Amazon staff explained how hard it is to be selected in a vast amount of people.

This for us as Year 8 girls at Townley is an amazing opportunity to get into being very creative and learning about how STEM works.  It will help us choose our careers into technology if we really love working on projects such as these.  It also gives us more of a choice for our future which is a massive advantage.  Joshikka, Year 8 


"I enjoyed the entire experience a lot and I feel that it is a great way to encourage and help young people to get into technology, as well as to become young leaders."

Oli, Year 8 

"Last Friday, 9 women who worked at Amazon Web Services held an assembly introducing us to their lifestyle and the different elements of working as a sales manager, product designer and many more.  We were also given the privilege to enter a competition along with 39 other schools! the competition is to make an "app for good".  Personally, I was very grateful for this privilege seeing as it gives me another opportunity to develop my plan on making a change globally, accompanied by one of the world's biggest web services."  Esther, Year 8 


A huge thank you to everyone from Amazon Web Services for coming to visit us here at Townley Grammar School.  Thank you as well to Future Foundations for their support working with AWS and TGS to launch this new initiative.  We are looking forward to seeing what our students will be innovating!  Computing Department




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