End of term arrangements:


Wednesday 18th December:


12.30pm- 2pm extended lunch for Xmas meal.

12.30-1.15pm: Years 7 & 8 Lunch sitting

1.15-2.00pm: Years, 9, 10 and 11 Lunch sitting


The Pod will be closed so if students are not having a Xmas dinner then they should bring a packed lunch.



Thursday 19th December:



8.30-8.45am - Registration/Form Time

8.45-9.35am – Period 1 as normal

9.35am -10.25am – Period 2 as normal

10.25 –10.45  Break as normal

10.45- 11.20- 21c as normal

11.20am- 12.10pm period 3 as normal

12.10-12.50pm period 4, 10 minutes shorter

12.50pm –13.45: lunch

Sixth Form Students only – register with tutor – SLT dismissal at 12.50pm

13.45pm –2pm  Year 7-11 - Registration with House Tutor

13.45pm - 2pm – students get dismissed by Learning Managers/SLT




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