Congratulations to two of our students who are now going to San Francisco to join in the Technovation programme!

Technovation is the world’s largest technology entrepreneurship program for girls aged 10-18. It runs across 100+ countries, supported by Salesforce.org, Google, the Adobe Foundation, Uber, Samsung, BNY Mellon as well as UNESCO, the Peace Corps and UN Women. Technovation offers girls around the world the opportunity to learn the skills they need to emerge as tech entrepreneurs and leaders. Every year, Technovation encourages girls to identify a problem in their community, and then challenges them to solve it. Girls work in teams to build both a mobile app and a business plan and are supported by mentors as well as the Technovation curriculum.


Read Grace and Durotimi's Story Here

We entered Technovation as a team of friends, Grace, Precious, Durotimi and Demi. Together we formed Team Vision 101 and developed an app called LexisLearn: an app created to increase literacy and develop vocabulary through reading books and quizzes. Our app features a timer, so you can track your reading periods. LexisLearn also features a word input system, where users can input new words they have learnt. This feature also includes access to an online dictionary in order to research the meaning of new words which are then placed into a quiz where the user can further develop their vocabulary by fully understanding new words and their meanings. The points gained in the quiz vary according to the quiz score. With our app, LexisLearn we became the only senior division team from the United Kingdom to pass into the semi final round.

We continued my Technovation journey, by becoming student ambassadors. Through this experience, we have inspired and encouraged other girls to enter Technovation by setting up an App Development Club in school. The club does not just focus on Technovation, we provide girls with a platform to be able to code and create their own apps and create innovative solutions to solve problems. One of our Technovation teams, Team CodeCadets, have currently made it into the semi final in this year’s season; they were the only junior division team from the United Kingdom who got through.

This year, we were chosen to participate in Technovation Student Ambassador program; a week long event held in San Francisco: all expenses paid! During our stay in San Francisco (Silicon Valley) we will visit Tech companies including Uber, and Autodesk to mention a few. We will also have the opportunity to attend the World Pitch finalist event, for the finalists of Technovation season this year.

Grace and Durotimi


Our APP Development Club

App Development Club is a student-led club that teaches girls how to develop their own apps using MIT App Inventor. Running since September, members have engaged in  creating apps such as MoleMash, an interactive game, and PaintPot, a drawing app. 

As part of our club curriculum, we also encourage girls to enter the global innovation challenge, Technovation, in which girls all over the world create apps to solve real-life problems within their communities. So far, we have 2 teams of girls who have entered Technovation, Team Code Cadets and Team BigDreamsCo. Together, we have been mentoring these teams throughout their participation in the Technovation Challenge as we, the club leaders, were participants last year. As part of Team Vision101, we became the only senior division team to make it to the semi-finals in the UK. 

Students report that they like how attending App Club allows them to develop their programming skills, as well as public speaking and video editing skills through creating pitch videos which promote their apps. Our club runs on Tuesday lunchtimes, from 1:15 pm to 1:45 pm in C1.

 Grace Yr 10, Precious Yr 11, Demi Yr 12 and Durotimi Yr 11






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