British Science Week 8 - 17 March


British Science Week arrived with a bang here at Townley during Assembly!  We celebrated all things scientific throughout the week with special hands on activities at lunchtime throughout the week.  A massive thanks to the Science Department staff for running events all through the week, giving up lunchtimes and for the range of sessions held.  

Special guest appearances included Neil Monteiro, Science Presenter who ran some of our demo sessions which included seeing lots of elements of fire and smoke!  A huge thanks to Neil for coming in and spending time with our students.  The sessions were fun, interactive and left students with a sense of wonder.

The finale was on Friday where a Science Fair was held in the hall.  A range of stands from bugs life to making electricity were there.   Thank you to our STEM leaders and ambassadors for creating a great atmosphere as well as encouraging students to participate.  Mr Kent's Science quiz certainly got the students thinking, thank you!  











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