BBC School News Report 2014

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Release the Peace: Interview with the Mizens

2 424 SOn the 4th of February, the Townley BBC School Report team met Barry and Margaret Mizen to discuss their Release the Peace movement and all of their achievements since the tragic death of their son Jimmy in 2008.  Danyelle from 9ART said, ‘the experience was very touching and inspiring because all they do is try and help our community.  They make me want to make a difference.’... Read more

Helen Skelton's recipe for 'Bake Off' success

by BBC News School Reporters Townley Grammar School for Girls, Bexley

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Townley School Report Meet the BBC

On Tuesday 14th January, Townley School Reporters were honoured to have two journalists from the BBC join them for a two hour workshop. One of the journalists was Education Correspondent Judith Burns and the other was Angie Pitt...

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Stereotyping Teens: Are We Really That Bad?

As soon as our thirteenth birthday arrives, we are said to become stroppy, hormonal & hard to manage. But that is just a stereotypical view, for most teenagers enjoy family and cope with the changes that occur during this period in their life.
Teenagers, nowadays face many obstacles and difficulties between the ages of 13-19. GCSE’S, A-Levels and Options, are just few of the struggles many of us experience at this time in life...

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Girls’ Education: Write or Not?

2 357 SAs girls in 21st Century Britain, we are entitled to an education & have rights to be treated as boys would. However, in other countries, it is quite the contrary.

Pakistan, Afghanistan and Mali are just a few of the countries that do not supply girls with an education. The cause behind most of these problems; discrimination. Gender inequality was, and still is, a global dilemma. 61 million children do not attend school, half of which, are girls...

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Fantastic Leadership Opportunities at Townley Grammar

2 327 SThe Townley Leadership Programme has been running since 2011 and was developed by Mr Deehan to allow Townley Grammar students participating in practical leadership workshops to apply their learning....

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Frightening or Friendly? The New Year 7's have their Say

Most students find that starting secondary school can be pretty scary. However, at Townley, we try our best to help our new arrivals feel at home and settle in well. The start of the school year, is viewed in many ways, some good and some bad. We talked to a few students from year 7 and even a year 9 gave us their opinions on starting secondary school......

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Miss Macdougal Meets

Huw Edwards

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On the 2nd of October, Miss Macdougal went to BBC Broadcasting House to find out more about the BBC School Report project.  While she was there she was given the opportunity to talk to Huw Edwards (BAFTA award-winning Welsh journalist and newsreader on the BBC News at Ten) about the project and his support for it. ..........

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