Stem Roadshow for Primary Schools


Townley Grammar are now working with local primary schools and bringing the wonder of STEM into school with our STEM Roadshow. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths).  The aim of these workshops is to engage both teachers and students with a series of easily repeatable fun and practical activities  that establish an appreciation for STEM. We hope to inspire and encourage children to explore and participate in STEM, sparking their imagination and curiosity. 

Our Roadshow team consisting of STEM teaching staff and Senior STEM Leaders (Year 13 students with a passion in their chosen subject) visit KS1 & KS2 children in local primary schools, demonstrating ‘hands-on’ activities showing children that STEM subjects are both fun and interesting.  Science is all around us, technology is forever changing and expanding, engineering –how was the chair we sit on made? And, mathematics is in every part of our everyday lives, buying groceries, following a recipe!

We are visiting many local schools this academic year, fuelling the fire of creativity and problem solving and hopefully inspiring the budding STEM leaders of the future.

Read about our adventures below.





Brampton Primary

Science and Design Technology – Evolution and Evidence of Evolution



Design and Technology 

Our first day finally arrived on the 8 November 2017 Townley's STEM Roadshow began! Science and Design Technology went to Brampton Primary School and taught two classes of Year 5 children all about Evolution.  The children learnt all about camouflage and how species survived, and what fossils tell us. The children made their own fossils and dinosaur masks and feet that our STEM leaders had spent time cutting out on the laser cutter. The students worked so very hard at the activities and my glitter pot, which was extremely large completely disappeared !! Our senior STEM leaders came with us and they had a go at being teachers for the session.  We all agreed the children were brilliant.



The theme was Evolution and we spent a lovely afternoon outside exploring how it felt to be a bird with young to feed.  We discovered the features best for survival and also managed to run some energy off in the process! The students discovered the concept of camouflage and how effective it can be in evolution.  Children were also introduced to natural selection and had an amazing time.




 "The children absolutely enjoyed the sessions, especially as they were hands on sessions with learning involved." 

Year 5 Teacher




Upton Primary

Science and Maths - Magnets and Forces


In science we explored magnetism and forces using iron filings and magnets in a safe manner.  We investigated momentum and thrust and their resistance with an exciting race to the finish with our balloon hovercraft vehicles. 

Maths explored the use of structure and shape to propel and move vehicles.  The children built cars showing how the shape and construction of choice was important.  To encourage children's thinking there was an emphasis on key words of correct scientific language and exploring their understanding of concepts and addressing misconceptions.




"The children were really engaged and enjoyed the session.  Thank you." Year 6 Teacher





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