sQuid is the cashless system used by Townley Grammar School. The squid cards are topped up online and replace the handling and management of cash and cheques to pay for items in the canteen and payments for  events.

New users of sQuid

How to create a sQuid account - Register online and top up your account pdf

You will need your 16-digit sQuid Registration Number to register and create a sQuid account
Parents/Guardians – This is the long number on your smart card, or on the letter you were sent when your sQuid account was issued. 

(If you have not received a letter with your registration number please email sQuid@townleygrammar.org.uk stating your sons/daughters name and form

Registration - create a sQuid account click here


Each individual student will be issued with a Mifare Card (that works in a very similar way to an oyster card that is used for travel).  This links with the Cunningham EPOS System and SIMS.Net. 

Please note: if cards are lost there is a charge to replace.

To top up your account

You will need your username and password to login

Login to top up your sQuid account click here

(There are links on this sQuid web page to assist with forgotten usernames and passwords)


The benefits of using sQuid within the school

The benefits of using sQuid within the school:

Top up online: sQuid cards are topped up online, meaning there's no need to take cash into school; balances are protected so even if the card is lost the balance can be transferred over to a new card.

Full visibility of transactions:  As well as being able to top up online, the sQuid online portal gives a full breakdown of transactions, meaning you know money given for school dinners goes on school dinners.

Free school meals administered discreetly:  Recent articles in the media have highlighted how some students entitled to free school meals aren't taking them because of a stigma being attached to receiving them. sQuid payments mean pupils receive their free school meal entitlement directly onto their card, so they can pay for their meal without standing out from other pupils.

End-to-end security: sQuidcard uses sophisticated fraud prevention and detection processes for all its schemes. Each card reader is protected by a unique security application module (SAM). sQuid is regulated and monitored by the FSA.

More than cashless catering:  Cashless catering is just one of the advantages of using sQuid eMoney but it can also be used for making payments for school trips, printing & photocopying and school uniforms.

Cashless School Journeys, Educational Visits and Activities:  Cashless payments for School Journeys, Educational Visits and Activities are also being arranged and provided for students and parents alongside the cashless catering function.  The system will function in the same way. 



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