Classroom Rules



    1. We treat others with good manners and respect - keep our voices down, avoiding unpleasant comments and questions.
    2. The classroom is a positive language zone - no swearing, cursing, insulting, put downs or bullying.
    3. We accept teachers' requests - when they ask us to move seats, to get back to work, bring homework or equipment to class.
    4. We think before we speak and wait for others to finish.
    5. We put up our hands first - before we ask or answer a question.

    1. We must bring books, homework, planner and equipment to class.
    2. We must be on task and allow others to do their work.
    3. We must be on time and move quietly to our seats.
Movement and Safety

    1. Move quietly and safely in and out of the classroom.
    2. Carry items with care.
    3. We must visit lockers and use the toilet out of lesson time.
Appearance and Personal Standards

    1. Respect property belonging to others.
    2. Eating and drinking are not allowed in classrooms.
    3. Put all litter in the bin.
    4. Mobile phones/iPods/MP3 players are not to be used during lessons.
    5. We must wear the correct uniform at all times.

If pupils are late to school, they will receive a same day detention at the end of the school day with their Assistant Learning Manager. This will exclude genuine reasons for lateness such as appointments or when the parent has phoned in about an unavoidable delay. If your daughter receives a same day detention she will have a late stamp in her planner. The length of the detention will be extended the following day if she fails to attend.


Planners should be signed by parents every week and used to communicate with staff regarding any general concerns or for subject information.


Students are expected to observe the school behaviour policy and wear correct school uniform at all times.

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