Silvia Presentehg   Silvia Presente

  Head Girl


The last seven years at Townley have truly been unforgettable, and have shaped me into a more confident and positive person. I currently study English Literature, Philosophy & Ethics and Theatre Studies, and have always been set on making a career in performance. Since I first got to Townley, I’ve made sure I’ve been involved in anything to do the arts, performing in assemblies, auditioning for a part in every school production, and was even given the opportunity to sing with a group of students at the London Roundhouse to raise money for Save The Children. While the school continues to encourage my creativity, it has also given me the chance to explore other aspects of the curriculum like the Gold Duke of Edinburgh award which helped me make many new friends and gain more independence.

As Head Girl my aim is to make sure everyone at the school has the same opportunities to pursue their ambitions as I was given. I hope that in this role I can give back to the school and the staff for their unwavering support, and to my friends for making my time at Townley something that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

     Robert Sweethb    Robert Sweet  

           Senior Boy



Hello everyone my name is Robert, and as you can probably tell I was new to Townley this time last year. Now, having had a fantastic year of : making new long lasting friendships; working hard and coaching rugby even harder; enjoying once in a life time opportunities; such as travelling to Mongolia with the school, I now find myself sitting here as senior boy.

I currently study Art, History and Politics but as well as the academic sphere there are also endless opportunities to get involved with ,outside the classroom, I myself along with the support of other students and the PE department are currently setting up a rugby team with the year 7 and 8s who recently took part in a tournament and came out unbeaten and having developed excellently as a team . Also this year I along with my fellow students will be endeavouring to create a Townley Boys Rugby team that we hope to put up against other schools in the local area.

As I mentioned earlier, over the summer holidays I participated in both World Challenge and achieved my Gold Duke of Edinburgh. Both of these experiences whilst miles apart were absolutely extraordinary and allowed me to develop into a person that I never knew I could be. Pitching tents on the Mongolian steppe or galloping on wild horses through the early morning mist.  The month away from home in a country on the other side of the world was such an amazing opportunity, to go off and experience new food, new cultures, it truly was an awesome trip and something I will never forget.  I hope that gives you a little bitesize taster about my life and who I am.


Anna Wrigleydhg   Anna Wrigley

 Deputy Head Girl



After nearly completing 7 years at Townley I can confidently say it has helped shape me into the person I am today, if someone had told me in year 7 I would be taking A-level Maths I’d have laughed aloud and told them there wasn’t a chance in the world. I now take Maths, Economics and Geography and it truly has been down to the support of the staff and the friendships I’ve made along the way that have got me to where I am now. The most influential year for me was year 11; GCSE’s taught me my strengths and weaknesses and subjects I had previously loathed became interesting as I began to understand them. It’s for this reason that I am honoured and excited to be deputy head girl for year 11 in my final year of Townley, it’s a chance for me to help others through a particularly stressful time by sharing my own experience of GCSE’s and promoting a positive work and social life balance.


Tori Massey             Tori Masseydhg

Deputy Head Girl



Going into my seventh year at Townley, I am so grateful that I have been appointed Deputy Head Girl for the House System & School Council. My responsibilities involve looking after the new House Captains, organising events and House assemblies with them, as well as meeting with the school council regularly to discuss school matters. My role as Deputy Head Girl also includes attending meetings with staff twice a week, helping at school events and being an active role model in the school and wider community.

I am so glad I chose Townley for my studies as I have been able to experience such amazing opportunities.  Such as presenting my Leadership speech at the Lansdowne Club in London, travelling to Mongolia and China as part of World Challenge, undertaking my Gold Duke of Edinburgh in Wales and the Peak district, Stage Managing the School Musical “Annie” last year, being Oliver when I was in year 7 and so many more wonderful adventures!

I’m currently studying English Language, Philosophy & Ethics and Theatre Studies. What drew me to Townley was the performing arts and during my time here my love for the theatre has kept growing. I have been able to learn and experience the onstage and back stage aspects of the theatre, which led me to joining the school’s tech club which I now have the honour of running. Without Townley I do not believe I would have the confidence or the skills to be currently applying to university to study Stage Management.

I am really excited for the year ahead and the numerous opportunities I will get to experience by being part of the Townley Officer Team.


Shaunte Wilsondhg   Shaunte Wilson

 Deputy Head Girl


I currently study Maths, Economics and Computing and have been at Townley nearing 7 years. These have been the best 7 years of my life. Even though I have had my ups and downs, Townley has supported me through it all and this is why I am honoured to have the opportunity as a Senior Officer to give back to this amazing community. People often joke that I live at school because I love to help at events and get involved, but this is what brings me joy as I am certain that there is more happiness in giving than in receiving. All that I have done at Townley and what Townley has done for me is what has made me who I am today – and the year 7 me would be so proud. In what feels like the blink of an eye, I have grown from a shy, unconfident girl into an independent, mature young woman.

Year 9 and 10 were the hardest years for me so I aim to share what helped me with the girls as they start to make big decisions about what to do with their lives. In amongst my desire to support the development of Townley students through the hardest part of their childhood, I have a keen interest in the innovation of STEM and technology and I hope to inspire the next generation to play their part in the evolution of the technological world. Secondary school is where you start to find yourself, so within my role, I hope to be a good role model and add my contribution to the community in order to make it the best place it can be, not only for academic development but also personal. 


Emily Howard                 Emily Howarddhg

Deputy Head Girl



Now going into my final year as a Townley Student, I feel that I have grown and developed greatly as an individual, and being at Townley has considerably impacted this. I have grown significantly in confidence and learnt to recognise my strengths and weaknesses which are skills needed to flourish not only as an individual but also as Deputy Head Girl.

Personally, I feel I am a well-rounded student, and this is reflected through my choice of A Level subjects – Geography, Biology and Dance. All of these have contributed to my skill set needed to hopefully read Geography at University.

I have always been fully engaged in Townley life, partaking in many extra-curricular activities including rounders, netball, cricket, rowing and dance (where I have been involved in school productions including ‘Hairspray’ and ‘The Bond Showcase’). I have also taken part in the Youth Philanthropy Initiative (YPI), campaigning for a local charity, Bexley Women’s Aid, where I subsequently won £3000 for them as well as extra fund raising.

I am honoured to be Deputy Head Girl for years 7 and 8 and I hope to be an influence to their prosperous futures, just as Townley has been for me. I will be there for them pastorally, be an older student for them to talk to and a bridge between students and teachers. I hope to make a lasting impact on them and encourage them to be the best that they can be and reach their full potential.


Bobbie Notcuttdhg   Bobbie Notcutt

 Deputy Head Girl



After being at Townley for several years now, it is clear to say I know it well: but, I can honestly say I wouldn’t dedicate as much time and effort as an officer, if I didn’t receive it back from the students and staff. Townley has a community whom you cannot help but feel part of, which is primarily due to the people within it. The opportunities and friends made here are particularly responsible for the person I am today, which I am thankful for. Stimulating my interests in Philosophy and Ethics, Media Studies and English Literature, have aided in my motivation to study Digital Advertising at degree level. Whilst being the Deputy Head Girl for Sixth Form allows me to support both the Lower and Upper Sixth, in order to assist them within the most vital academic years thus far; but my ambition is to ensure that those within these years feel comfortable enough to ask for help when they need it. This year is both daunting and exciting, yet in a team of Senior Officers and Prefects I am sure as a year we can work together to benefit each other and Townley also.


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