Attendance and Punctuality

The department also monitors students’ attendance and punctuality, identifying individuals who may need strategies to improve their record in these areas.  Parents/ Guardians will be contacted by the Attendance Officer in order to discuss reasons for absence and/or lateness, and if improvement fails to materialise parents will be invited into the school for a meeting with relevant staff.

The relationship between pupil attendance, pupil progress and level of attainment is well understood.  As the absence rises, so does the impact on pupil performance and their ability to sustain educational improvement, motivation and a sense of worth.

Parents and carers have a major responsibility to ensure their children attend school regularly and we have a duty to put in place appropriate mechanism to support and impose regular attendance.

Attendance is monitored on a daily basis through form and class registration system. Parents/Guardians are contacted as soon as possible preferably within 4 hrs if a student is absent without explanation. 

A student’s attendance is expected not to fall below 95% and Townley works closely with the Education Welfare Service to ensure a resolution to persistent absence and address any concerns.

The Education Welfare Officer (EWO) visits the school on a fortnightly basis and if your daughter has difficulty in attending regularly she will visit you in your home. The EWO is available to give advice on school related problems to parents and can offer support where appropriate.

Medical appointments should be made after school if at all possible but if unavoidable your daughter should bring her appointment card or letter to Student services. Any holidays taken during term time will count as unauthorised absences.

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