Here at Townley we have realised the importance of developing resilience for our students not only in their academic studies but also in supporting their development as they grow into being independent young people.
MaisyA young person who feels confident to be able to face life’s challenges and have the tools to navigate the stresses and strains of everyday life is very important.

This year Townley has brought in a range of initiatives to help support and develop student’s well being.  These initiatives are for all year groups from Year 7 to Year 13.

The initiatives started last September with the introduction of Maisy, the school’s therapy dog.  

Maisy is a calming influence to those students who need to take some time out from certain situations. Students tend to be more relaxed and have a general feeling of wellbeing when they are with her. This enables students to talk more freely and openly about what worries them, enabling us to give them the support they need.  Maisy is in school 3 days a week and is a valued member of the Townley School Community. 


Character and Wellbeing - New for September 2017

Character and wellbeing are equally important as we strive to help students flourish and lead happy and fulfilled lives within Townley.  Each students spends 30 minutes every Monday morning taking part in character and wellbeing classes.  The aim is to help students begin the week in the most positive manner possible.


Mental Health Champions – Student Ambassadors

41 students have received training to be a Mental Health Champions ("MHC").  The students attended a training course over a number of weeks.  The course was run by Pascale Berthellet, Bexley Public Health Advisor for Children and Young People.

The training enables students within the school community to support other students and educate them regarding dealing with mental health stigma and support the school pastoral framework.

The students have given assemblies to the rest of the school regarding their role as MHCs and what it entails.  They have helped students identify when they need support and direct them to the right areas such as Student Services and the pastoral team.

Drop-in Session for Students

Every Tuesday there is a drop-in session for students in the Tutorial Room, by Room S11 at Tuesday lunchtime, which is available to students to come and meet the ambassadors and seek advice or just to see a friendly student face during lunchtime.


IMAGO – Bexley Young Carers

Last term we welcomed to our pastoral community, Imago.

Imago Young Carers delivers a support service to anyone aged 8-18 living in Bexley who is taking on caring Bexley Young Carers Logoresponsibilities for a family member with a long-term illness, disability, mental health or substance misuse issue.

Imago Young Carers will enable Young Carers, aged 8-18, to receive some respite from their caring responsibilities, socialise with their peers and receive tailored support and information. We provide social groups for Young Carers called Chill Clubs. 

For further information, please contact the Imago Young Carers Hub:

Phone: 0300 111 1110


The Imago YC Hub is available for you to call Monday to Friday 9-5pm to talk about Young Carers’ needs and can provide information, advice and signposting. 


Headscape - Bexley - NHS Oxleas

Bexley and Greenwich HeadScape  website which has been designed by CAMHS to support young people in Bexley and Greenwich as a ‘one stop’ source of self-help about a range of mental health issues and Headscape Logoconditions.
The website however covers a multitude of different mental health conditions; it allows young people to browse a range of mental health issues and conditions and provides information to get help and support if they feel they need it.  

 Select the logo to view the website.

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