Year 7 Team

  Natalie Grove 200   

Miss K Brayton
  Year 7 Learning Manager

Mrs N Grove
Assistant Learning Manager (Yr 7)   


My name is Mrs Brayton and I am the Learning Manager for Year 7 ; the Assistant Learning Manager is the very able Mrs Grove and along with the Student Services team, our role is to meet the needs of all students in year 7.  This includes looking after their social and emotional welfare as well as their academic and day-to-day wellbeing, as there are many different aspects that can affect a child’s learning. 

One of the most important roles that we have is to ensure that when your child joins Townley, that the transition is as smooth as possible and that we deal with any settling in issues swiftly and efficiently.  It is important to us that your child meets expectations but also that we meet theirs.

For year 7  my focus as Learning Manager is to monitor academic progress across all subjects.  I liaise with subject leaders and teachers from all departments in order to provide support where it is needed and to ensure that our high achievers are challenged.

Whilst academia is important to us we also like to provide a holistic approach to learning.  Year 7 is an exciting  time at Townley and we offer a wealth of extra-curricular clubs, educational and recreational trips, as well as offering stimulating experiences in school, such as STEM days and visiting theatre productions.

The aim of the team is to provide the best possible start to your child’s career at Townley and set them on the path to continued success as they progress through their years here.



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