Years 9 and 10 Team

M Fitzgerald  

Miss L Butler
Learning Manager

Mrs M Fitzgerald
Assistant Learning Manager



The Year 9 and 10 Learning Manager team consists of myself Miss Butler, and I am assisted very ably by Mrs Fitzgerald. The Learning Manager team looks after the social, moral and academic aspects of student life.  At Townley, we encourage our students to strive for excellence and make good academic progress. Alongside this, we have plenty of extra-curricular activities to enable the students to further their thirst for knowledge and their love of learning. As one of the Learning Manager's I am here to provide strategies to support students with specific subjects and any pastoral needs. We also encourage the students to work with one another and to build team skills so essential in later life.

We liaise with subject teachers and Curriculum Leaders with regards to achievement in scholastic dimensions. Either to provide strategies to support with specific subjects or highlight higher achievers, so as to set challenges for them. Our role also spans over the house tutors, with whom we are in constant communication about the social and moral dimensions of the students. Our aim is to promote a positive ethos and keep our students motivated and happy.

Year 9

The Year 9s have a fair number of things happening in this academic year, which is also the first year they start wearing the white shirts. The various trips and events the students are exposed to gives them a good flavour of the variety in each subject. This will culminate in their making the decision on their options to carry on in Year 10.


Year 10


Year 10, when they are at the beginning of most of their GCSE qualifications, it is time to make the most of all that the school offers, and to plan for their future. Students start the autumn term with the first of three parts of study skills workshops over their GCSE years. This year, in the true sense is not the penultimate year but indeed the start of a four year journey through GCSE and Sixth form. To highlight the gravitas of this, the students are involved with various activities/training sessions to empower them to succeed. Sessions include ones on revision and study skills and strategies, talks by various powerful role models as well as enrichment opportunities across the curriculum.

To summarise we keep the students on their toes so they feel fulfilled and aspire to achieve more.


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